The works councils regularly organize festivities within the company. This is an important moment for the company because it allows employees to propose many activities.

It is also up to the works council to plan gifts and possible trophies that can be given to the employees or partners of the company. The employee can receive a trophy or a medal for his involvement in the company, his success in a particular mission or for the many years spent within the company.

For a business partner, a subcontractor or a subsidiary, the trophy will mark the link between them.

Often customized, the trophies take on the visual character of the company with the logo as well as a text thanking the person who receives it. With the help of our designer and our laser engraving machine, the possibilities are many in terms of personalization.

The cutting and engraving on wood, plexiglass or even the engraving on glass makes it possible to realize an original and personalized trophy.