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engraved wooden

The wooden medal gives a visual of high precision and a natural feel. Entrust us with your ideas, without limits of expression, in order to create the best visual in the image of your event. We will make the visual of your future medal.

The 100% custom wooden medal

The personalized engraved wooden medal has the particularity of being fully personalized. With no shape limit, our high precision laser machines make it possible to make the medal according to your precise need. Your race logo as well as texts such as the year or classification can be engraved on the medal to make it unique.

Like your event, the diameter of your wooden medal adapts to your need: 60mm, 70mm or more, we adapt the dimension of the medal to your need. Similarly, we offer products in 3mm or 5mm thick and in solid wood whose wood comes from forests with an eco-responsible character. We thus guarantee a wood whose origin fully corresponds to sustainable forest management.

All the manufacturing is carried out in our workshop in Chartreuse (38) and gives the medal its eco-responsible and Made In France side.

logo made in France and Chartreuse

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The 3mm thick wooden medal

The 5mm thick wooden medal