Sports medals,

to customize online

To make your races unforgettable, Ultime Sport offers a range of sports medals customizable online. Discover our medals in wood, or metal with engraved plate on our website. Give your participants a victory in the colors of your brand.

100% customized medals

by Ultime Sport

Each medal is unique, because of the event (sporting, honorary, military…) or the sport (running, football, basketball, petanque.) it represents, but also because of the particularities it entails. The shape can be round, square or rectangular, and
it can be of different colors (gold, silver, bronze, but also red, white, etc.). Increasingly, medals also have openwork parts and elements that protrude from the round or frame. These are all details that differentiate one medal from another and that make it
make it unique.

Customizing a medal is a job we do internally with our graphic designers, who imagine your future medal taking care to understand and assimilate the race or sporting event that is in the spotlight. With Ultimate Sport, you can count
on a know-how that will ensure quality and reliability. When the visual creation of your medal is realized, we start the manufacture of the mold and then the serial launch of the medals. Until the ribbon is sewn into the custom medal,
each step is controlled.

The design of the ribbon is also important and it is an element that is one with the personalized medal. Here too, the possibilities of customizing our products are endless. Each ribbon is printed by sublimation technique and it is quite possible to print all types of visual creations. Very often, the marking includes the name and logo of the race or event as well as the date.

Recognized professionals in the design of personalized sports products (cups, trophies, medals), we are your partner in the design and manufacture of your personalized medal. Whatever the size, volume, marking, price, Ultime Sport personalizes your medals by adapting to all your choices, opinions and needs.

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