Our philosophy

Whether rewarding a sporting performance or a personal challenge resulting from weeks of preparation, our sport awards will always be there to mark your work over time.

Our vision

Today when many sports awards are almost all similar to each other, we thought that the -beyond rewarding performance, the trophy would be even more appreciated if it were highlighted at home and thus customizable.

Our engagement

Manufacturer of sports awards and corporate trophies, Ultime Sport will accompany you from idea to manufacturing.

As a true partner in your events, we will bring all our expertise and products to your success.

Manufacture of customized rewards

Designed and elaborated in our offices, our trophies are then made on original materials such as plexiglass, slate, wood or glass.

Fully customizable, Ultime Sport trophies will mark your event, run, logo, sponsor or any other inscription by laser cutting and engraving.

Quality and style

Elaborated, designed, cut and engraved in our office, whether from wood, glass, plexiglass or slate, all our trophies are made in France.

At a time simple and creative, our sports illustrations will allow you to reward your sporting and corporate events with style and creativity.