Trails are becoming more and more popular and bring together initiates and tramps. Running in a natural universe with ever more beautiful and unique landscapes is part of the elements that make up Trail practice.

The Finisher Medal is a highly valued reward for practitioners. Unique and personalized in the colors of the Trail, the Finisher medal is still widely considered by runners. We carry out all the stages of manufacture from the visual design to the manufacture of the medals. We will develop for you the graphic creation which will lead to the manufacture of the mold and the medals.

Still in personalization, we can offer you to reward the podiums with an engraved wood trophy. This type of trophy perfectly corresponds to the spirit Trail: elaborated from the wood, noble material and recalling the natural side of the race. The laser engraving will make it possible to highlight the identity of the race but also to be able to enter the categories and places of the winners.