Simply and with all our know-how, make your personalized medal.

The Finisher Medal for Marathons, half Marathons or obstacle courses is very important. They make the link and the first touch of an end of race while highlighting the effort made.

Made of injected zamac, the personalized medals are first and foremost, designed with our graphic designer. The entire identity of the race will be created in order to best integrate it into your future medal.

The objective is to make the graphic elements of the race appear in the best possible way in the medal while making it unique.

The enamel colors will emphasize the graphic and coloristic aspects of the race. During the visual design, we highlight the relief parts as well as the hollowed out parts that will be filled with colors. The custom medal will have a set of embossed parts that are highly appreciated.

At Ultime Sport, We will accompany you every step of creating your personalized medal so that your race is a total success.

We made a short video showing how we design and manufacture custom medals.