1. Choose a suitable date

The date of your race or sporting event is very important in order to gather as many people as possible. The ideal also is that your race date is not at the same time with several neighboring races.

2. Apply for authorization to organize the event

The letter is ideally composed of a maximum of details about the organizer as well as the race itself (different places, refreshments, number of participants, volunteers etc.). At most your letter will detail the event, at best your request will be processed.

3- Develop the map that will delimit your circuit

Extremely important, the card will be requested at each validation step. All organizational, safety and volunteer services will be communicated.Detailed and precise, take the greatest care to the development of the card (volunteers, refueling …). It is good to specify the place of the signalers also.

4. The authorization of the municipality welcoming the event

In the city concerned, the organization of a sporting event will be an opportunity to energize and bring a festive side. Meet with the mayor and other persons associated with the mayor’s office.In case the race concerns other neighboring municipalities, it will also be necessary to obtain the authorization of the municipality concerned.

5. Insurance

The insurance of the organizing association must of course have a civil liability of the organizers as well as that of the participants. A copy of this insurance should be given to the municipality.

6. To make requests for authorizations in prefecture

The event must now be declared to the prefect of the department. Since the race is timed and takes portions of public roads, it is important to do this at least 3 months before the race date.

7. NFB: the National Forestry Office

In the case of a trail, nature race or any other race crossing a forest, it is necessary to take the authorization to ask the National Office of the Forests. Do not hesitate there again to present your detailed map of the course.

8. The Medical Device

Finally, do not deprive yourself of the medical device that can prove very valuable during your sporting event. In the event that relief is required, be assured that they will have easy access. Also notify the nearest hospital. Send to the prefecture the proof that you have carried out these steps of medical device.