The sports clubs organize one to several sports competitions a year. With such varied sports, looking for sporting rewards can be an important time. Find all the cups, trophies and medals in just a few clicks on our website.

Much more, we are specialized in personalizing trophies and medals. The award-winning trophy offers winners a reward that changes from ordinary to popular. Entirely personalized with the logo of the club and the inscription of your choice, the trophy will accompany the values ​​of your club. Equipped with a laser machine, we can make fabulous trophies engraved on wood, glass but also original shapes in Plexiglas.

In case you want to reward each participant, consider the personalized medal or Finisher medal. Fully personalized to your club by its shape, colors and ribbon, it will bring the rider a complete satisfaction and pride. Give us your request and we will accompany you at every stage of its manufacture.