Running an obstacle race often requires good preparation, but you also have to choose the obstacle course that is right for you.

Several formulas exist and one can say that there is almost an obstacle course for each typology of riders. There are some that are oriented hard to see very difficult, others according to a specific theme and finally those Fun!

It will therefore be important for you to select your obstacle course according to your abilities, your need to surpass yourself and the pleasure you want to find there.

Each obstacle course has different distances. It will also be important to select your race according to the distance you want to run. Again, it is quite common to perform an obstacle course with an effort greater than one hour or sometimes two hours.

The objective is to reconcile sports activity with conviviality and pleasure.

Once you have crossed the finish line, you will have the satisfaction of having achieved an overcoming of self and the pride of having done it!

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