We carry out the design and production of your personalized Finisher medals. For your Marathon, Half-Marathon, Triathlon or any other sporting event, we realize for you the graphic design of your future medal. On the day of your race or sporting event, it may happen that you have more medals than expected and you would like to recycle them for the following year. For this, we will design and print the new ribbon for you for the following year. And, so that your medal is once again ready to be presented to the following year’s participants, we sew the new ribbon on your old medal.

It is a service very appreciated by race organizers and which allows you to give a second life to your medal. Thus, equipped with a new ribbon, you have the possibility of offering the medal with the visual of the ribbon of the following year.

As soon as we have validated together the new visual of the ribbon, all you have to do is send us your medals. We take care of sewing the new ribbon on the medal.