For some, the Marathon is a goal on oneself and an accomplishment. For others, it is part of the race goals. Whatever the motivation that drives you in the practice of the Marathon, there remains an extraordinary experience!

And when you cross the finish line and a Finisher medal awaits you, the dedication and achievement of the effort is rewarded.

At Ultime Sport, we manufacture your personalized medal for Marathon. Entirely produced for the event, your future medal will bear the colors of your race. Our designers will know how to make the medal a true emblem of the Marathon.

Developed from the logo and the spirit of the race, the future medal will be designed so that it is part of the runners’ collection. Depending on the type of visual, it may be openwork or have parts that protrude from the medal. With a gold or matt silver finish, we will study with your wishes the way in which it will be most appreciated by runners.

Ultime Sport will be your partner from the visual development to the production of your future personalized medal.