The Half Marathon can be a step before setting the goal of running a Marathon. For many others, it is a goal of surpassing oneself. The Half Marathon remains a very popular event where amateur or professional runners always find themselves in an atmosphere of competition and good humor.

For the organizers of the Half Marathon, it is also sometimes a challenge to make this event the event that will become a must in the races to be carried out each year.

In order to make your Half Marathon even more attractive and festive, the personalized medal will be a good way to reward runners. The personalized medal or the Finisher medal is very popular with runners. It not only marks the end of the race but above all the culmination of a challenge that the runners have set themselves.

The personalized medal is also a way to materialize the race by its shape, colors or even the logo.

We will be able to bring you all our know-how in the realization of your future personalized medal for your Half-Marathon. From the visual creation of the medal to the manufacturing, we will bring you advice and recommendations in the good realization of your Finisher medal.

Our team of graphic designers will know how to best combine the way to integrate the logo of your Half-Marathon while making it unique!