Ultime Sport is equipped with CO2 cutting and engraving machines which allow us to carry out all your special laser cutting and engraving projects:

– Trophies in wood, plexiglass: take inspiration from our numerous illustrations and materialize them from a base of wood or plexiglass. Your trophies will be unique!

The rendering is exceptional and extremely precise. The laser engraving technique allows all types of engravings to be made (texts, logos, curves and many other visual elements).

Platelet engravings: do you want to identify your event, the name of a sponsor or the name of the athletes? Select your material to engrave as well as the appropriate color and we will take care of the rest.

The engraved plaque allows the identification of the sporting event, the race, the year or a sponsor. Beyond the text, it is also possible to engrave a logo.

Do you have a specific project that requires laser cutting and engraving ? Entrust us with your idea and we will study its feasibility with our team.

The laser machine can also make cuts on different materials. Wood, plexiglass or medium are all materials that can be laser cut.

With extreme precision, laser cutting will follow every line and contour of the graphic element and can cut some material over 10mm thick.

The laser machine with which Ultime Sport is equipped not only brings you limitless creations but also gives you total flexibility. Since we are equipped in our workshop, you only have one point of contact for the design and manufacture of your personalized requests.