You are an organizer of races to the general public in the form of Marathon or Semi-Marathon. It is a splendid adventure for both organizers and competitors.

Discover our tips for organizing your race.

In the success of your sporting event, it will also be necessary to foresee the sporting rewards! For this, there are many possibilities: you can reward the podium with cuts. We will then advise you to the best possible choice according to your need.

The personalized trophies are more and more interesting from their “unique” side. You will then have the choice between engravings on wood or glass or then a cutting of trophy in Plexiglas.

Perhaps you want to reward each participant with a “finisher” medal? In this case, know that we are specialists in the manufacture of personalized medals and that we will accompany you at each stage of the manufacturing to provide you an optimum service.

Developed with our designer, we will present a series of visuals of your future medal according to the graphic charter and according to the values ​​that it incarnates.

We will do our best to be your partner in the realization of your rewards!