The Trails are on the rise and they are more and more popular with runners. From nature running to trail running, the practice is very complete on many points. In terms of running, trail running is very often practiced in the mountains or in the woods. The landscape is very often splendid there. In sporting terms, it is also excellent. With successions of positive and negative elevations, muscles like cardio are hard at work! Who says Trail in competition, also says medal. At Ultime Sport, you will have the opportunity to obtain your personalized medal specially for Trail. The medal will represent above all the logo of your Trail but also the elements that constitute this discipline, namely the forest or the mountain. With the work of our graphic designers, we will develop your medal so that it best highlights your race. The medal can then be openwork, full or with parts that come out.

Your medal will take on its full scope and be unique. For the organization of your Trail or Ultra Trail, we will be able to provide you with all our expertise and know-how so that your Finisher medal is part of the success of the event.