You are the organizer of a Marathon, an obstacle course or a sporting event and you wish to reward each runner with a personalized medal or a Finisher medal.

Our entire team is at your disposal to design your personalized medal step by step.


We start any visual design from your logo or your event poster in order to have the visual basis of your future medal.

Once we have completely permeated the DNA of the race, we can then begin the digital design of the medal.


After a few days of design, we offer you our different visual proposals. Several variants are proposed so that you can have a wide choice.

If you wish, we make the necessary modifications to bring you a final visual.


When the visual is finally final, we start manufacturing the mold which will be used to make the medals. The manufacturing, the coloring of the enamelled colors and the finishing are followed.

At each stage of production, we send you visuals so that you can follow and confirm the progress of the manufacture of your personalized medals.

The Olympia Cups will accompany you in the making of your personalized medals.