100% Custom Medals, Finisher Medals

You wish to have your own 100% personalized medals, give us your model!

Finisher medals are becoming more and more popular and bring a special distinction to competitors as well as an identification of the race to each participant for the organization.

After validation of your model of medal, we will realize the mold necessary to the manufacture of your medals. Our wide choice allows you to make your medals between 40 mm and 80 mm in diameter.

Combine the printed ribbon to obtain a perfectly personalized medal for your sporting event. Set your ribbon width and print yourself.

Fine or very wide, printed by sublimation, your ribbon will perfectly illustrate your race or event. As for the realization of your special medals, give us the dimension and the drawing to print. We’ll take care of the rest!

IMPORTANT: for any realization of cutting, engraving, medals and special ribbons, we will launch the production only after your validation of the good to shoot.