Town halls, sports clubs

You are a town hall or a sports club and you organize a sports competition in your municipality, remember to reward the winners and all the participants with our rewards.

Olympia Cups will offer you a wide range of cuts, medals and trophies. You want to stand out and hand out personalized trophies, browse our wide range of media to find the base of the trophy that best illustrates your sporting competition.

Using our configurator, go from one stage to the next to configure your trophy. In just a few clicks, choose your trophy, cup or medal as well as the illustration symbolizing your event. You quickly get a visual of your need in trophy, cup or medal.

Whether on a plexiglass, wood or glass basis, you have the opportunity to integrate the desired sport image, text and even the logo. Ultime Sport allows you to order your sporting award from A to Z simply on our website.

Public or private company

Would you like to congratulate an employee for his many years in your company?

Or to show your appreciation to an employee who has good results in the company?

Mark the event with a personalized trophy in his name, along with your company logo and associated text.

From our website, configure the trophy that will mark this event in just a few clicks.